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Meet The Founder

Starting off her modelling career by entering beauty pageants 14 years ago, Monique progressed her modelling career by working with brands such as Nintendo, Lacoste, Bacardi, Lusters Pink and various music artists. She is now a fashion show host and runway choreographer for Fashion Show Live and the Talent Manager for the Birmingham division of The Model Code Agency.


Alongside this, Monique has developed a passion for acting  and has studied at IDSA in London. Her experience in many areas of the creative industry has  helped her build a portfolio of amazing contacts, business partners and friends. 

With her hands in many pies and finding herself inundated with phone calls, emails and direct messages from established and aspiring creatives seeking advise on the best route into the fashion industry, being asked to source creative talent, direct shoots and  host shows. Monique derived the idea of The Creatives Expo Ltd a one stop shop to help support with all of the above demands and more. 


'"In this industry sometimes, it isn't what you know but who you know. Far too often people keep information close to their chest because of fear of competition. The creative industry is very competitive yes, but healthy competition is good competition......right?

During the early years of my career I have had to literally learn the hard way at times, taken photos with dodgy photographers and not being paid for work.


I have had to built a great network organically over time but I often wonder where I would be now in my career if I had access to mentors, industry professionals and creative businesses at the click of a button. This is what I envisage for the TCE, a one-step shop for the next generation of creatives. Making it easier for them to make the right career decisions and access to the right contacts from early on.


I don't have all the answers but what I do know is if I don't know the answer to something, I know someone that knows someone  who does!"


Monique - Founder of The Creatives Expo

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